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Introducing Camp Sunshine

How much do donations to this New England charity mean to its campers? Rather than taking it from us, today we invite you to watch this 5-minute video. Here you will learn, for yourself, just how much your support of our efforts means to so many others in need.

Over the past years it has been an honor for S|A Maraia Charities to support nonprofit organizations like Camp Sunshine. In remembrance of our brothers, and now our mother too, we will continue to donate proceeds from the S|AM Golf Tournament and Fundraiser to much-deserving charitable organizations in our area. If you would like to know how you can help today, please sign up for (or sponsor) our September 25 event at Black Rock Country Club. Or, donate today using the link below.

Donate Today Using the PayPay Giving Fund

Sign Up Today for the S|AM Golf Tournament & Fundraiser

See you there,

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